Meet The Breeder


12-21-2006-01Dedicated to the health and preservation of the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Since 1981.

Cynthia has been involved with her dogs since 1974, first training German Shepherds and then showing an Akita. Since 1981, however, her dedication turned to the Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier. Her foundation bitch “Riverrun’s Hollywood Debut C.D.” or DeDe, had her first litter in 1988, producing 3 pups, one of which became Cynthia’s once-in-a-lifetime dog, Happy Jack.

happyjackCynthia now uses Jack’s grandson Dagwood (seen below) as a demonstration dog in her obedience classes. Dagwood anniehas his own credentials: a 5th generation obedience dog. He has 8 titles in 4 areas: breed, obedience, agility, and rally. He was the first Wheaten to earn the new Rally Titles in 2005, and the first terrier in the country to earn the RAE title (Rally Advanced Excellent) with 20 clean runs for the ten legs of the title, bringing in the ribbons 11 times.

Dagwood also played the part of Sandy in the play “Annie” in a 2005 production, as did his mother Libby in a 2003 production of the play.