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It’s no secret that Wheatens are affectionate, attractive dogs.  Be aware that they are also curious, independent terriers requiring consistent, positive training throughout their lives.  And although Wheatens do not shed, they are a high maintenance breed, requiring an extensive and ongoing grooming regimen.  Even those owners preferring to use professional groomers will need to devote time each week to brush out coat and keeping Wheaten feet and ears clean.

Are you looking for:

  • A bright, affectionate companion
  • A medium sized, sturdy dog
  • An energetic, fun loving, active dog
  • An occasionally exuberant personality
  • A dog with an attractive, soft, wavy coat

Are you willing to:

  • Monitor and socialize an active puppy
  • Train an independent terrier-starting with puppy classes (a real “must”)
  • Devote time to grooming-daily for some stages of growth and weekly for mature dogs
  • Bathe, blow dry and trim-or have your Wheaten professionally groomed-monthly. Provide a safe, fenced area and lots of exercise
  • Share your home with your Wheaten

Prospective owners, please download the questionnaire here